Choose your topic of interest, push the record button and talk about it for at least 1 minutes, email it to, you shall soon receive your score.

1. Suppose you are a photographer, what do you choose to photograph and why?! (animals, nature, people...)


By Elaheh Rafatbakhsh

2. Some believe that new technologies are destroying our environment!

Do you agree with this idea?

Do you think new technologies are helping our environment or destroying it?

Answer the questions, and state some examples for each.


By Ali Kushki

3. It is stated that new technologies have made our life more complex!

Do you agree with this idea? Justify your answer by stating some examples.


By Hamed Houman

4. Talk about traveling by plane.

You should say

  • - what journeys you have made or want to make

  • - what you like about plane travel

  • - how nervous you are about plane journeys

  • - why traveling by plane is so popular


By Sara Khosronejad

5. Suppose that you are given the opportunity to meet the most influential political figure of the world.

You can ask him/her only five questions.

  • What would you ask him/her?

  • Would you ask personal questions?

  • Would you ask about current political issues of the world?

  • Would you ask about his opinion about your country?

By Sara Jafari

6. Suppose you are an excellent dancer and you are the winner in the international dance competion. You are received 500000 $ as the reward of your competition. What would you do with this money ?


By Sara Ramezani

7. Do you believe laughter can be good medicine? If so, what do you think people could do to spend more time laughing? If you wanted to try laughter therapy, how might you do that? Positive factors such as love, hope, faith, laughter and will to live are believed to have therapeutic value. What is your idea about that? How could you apply this notion to help heal a sick friend or family member?


By Maryam Homayounzadeh

8. Who is a good teacher?

A. Brainstorming
What do you like to do in your English class?
a) play games b) chat c) watch films d) listen to hot topics e) write f) read g) read aloud h) work in groups i) practice speaking j) other ideas

B. Thinking
Who is a good teacher? Who is a bad teacher? What do you think? (You can choose these sub-topics to speak about, try to explain your choice.)
a) punctuality b) absences c) questions d) homework e) fun & laugh f) read a lot g) speak just English h) tests i) personality j) dress k) games l) lectures m) marks n) knowledge o) relationship

C. Follow up
Talk about the best teacher you had. Why did you choose him/her as your best teacher ever?
By Hamid Ranjbar